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Bag/Cartridge Converter
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Basket holds cartridges inside a bag housing!

Rosedale Products introduces a newly designed bag filter converter into which filter cartridges are installed. Thus, the bag filter can be quickly converted to a cartridge filter. Simply put, there are applications that call for a bag filter and others that call for a cartridge filter. Until now, it wasn't very easy to change between the two.

If it becomes necessary to change from bags to cartridges – install the Rosedale Converter Basket.

  • Remove the original basket
  • Install the new converter basket
  • Load the cartridges
  • Unique design prevents clean side contamination by removing basket from housing before removing cartridges from converter
  • You now have a cartridge filter able to utilize any standard cartridge.

Baskets fit standard models 4-12, 8-15, and 8-30 housings. Construction materials are either 304 stainless or 316 stainless steel.


Bag/Cartridge Converter
Bag/Cartridge Converter

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