GRP Series Cartridge and Bag Filter Housings

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GRP series cartridge and bag filter housings offer excellent resistance in RO and DI water and other corrosive applications. The GRP series is designed to accept high flow cartridges or filter bags encompassing a wide range of micron ratings and dirt holding capacities. Two models are available, the 4HF and 7HF, one accepting four cartridges or filter bags and the other having seven cartridges or bags for flow rates as high as 1000 gpm. 

The bodies of these filters are designed according to the Ad-Merkblatt* design code for pressure vessels and are made according to the 97/23 CE S.S.3.3. European Standard for Pressure Filters. The standard pressure rating is 150 psi (10 bar) and higher ratings are available upon request. 

The main connections for the fluid inlet and outlet and vent and drain are designed with ANSI Class 150 flanges. The internal parts in contact with the fluid are made of various plastics and the seals, being O-rings, are designed for easy replacement and maintenance. They have a natural internal finish while externally they are covered with a dual component paint and finished with a top coat of paint. 

The unit is anchored at the base with carbon steel legs, each with a hole for anchoring studs, not supplied by the manufacturer. 

*Other design codes or options available upon request. 

  • Reduced footprint
  • Easy maintenance and cartridge or bag replacement procedures
  • Savings due to more compact housings
  • Reduced height and therefore very suitable for containerized RO plants
  • Individual flow capacity per filter element up to 300 gpm (70 m3/h) (60")
  • Absolute filtration rate (ß ratio 5,000)
  • FITO flow pattern, capturing and retaining all contaminants inside the filter element, preventing dirt release at cartridge changing operations
  • Manufactured by thermal bonding process. No additives or surfactants