XTXD Filter Bags

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XTND Filter Bags Offer Additional Surface Area for Increased Filtration Efficiency

Rosedale offers the XTND filter bag as a balance between increased efficiency and capacity versus cost.  It offers about 3 times the life of a standard bag.  The integral hard plastic collar makes installation and disposal easier, as there is no metal to worry about. These bags are excellent for pre-filter and depth filter applications. If you’re looking for the ideal pre-filter or depth filter bag, try an XTND filter bag.

Filtration Level
XTND bags have been tested by an independent laboratory to determine the filtration efficiency of the media used in each of the filter bags.  They are rated at 95% efficiency and are offered in grades of 35, 48, 55, 65, 75, 90, and 110 microns.  This corresponds to industry standard filter bag ratings of 1, 5, 10 25, 50 75, and 100 microns respectively.
The efficiencies for polyester and polypropylene are identical.

Design Details

The XTND bag has an inverted bag attached to the bottom which slips over the required cone basket.  The cone part of the basket supports the inner layer, ensuring the full surface area is utilized, maintaining optimum filtration. Rosedale's RP series top flange provides the best bag-to-housing seal in today's marketplace. During operation, as the filter bag gets dirty causing differential pressure to increase, our flared RP top flange seal improves providing optimum performance. 

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