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All-Polypropylene Bags
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The Lock-Top Filter Bag Offers A Plastic Collar For Better Fit And Easier Disposal
Available in ratings from 1 micron filters to 110 micron filters

Sonically Welded Seams
Rosedale offers the Lock-Top filter bag for applications that require reinforced plastic seals or have certain disposal requirements. The integral hard-plastic collar makes installation and disposal easier as there is no metal to worry about. They are constructed from the same materials used in our standard and HI-E micro filter bags.

As an added feature, all seams and the collar are sonically welded, greatly enhancing filtration quality, reducing or eliminating leaks and bypass that may have occurred with sewn seams.

Design Details

  • These bags have a plastic collar sonically welded into their opening. This collar has integral handles as a standard feature. They make removal faster and easier.
  • The standard felt finish is glazed. The microfiber bags are sonically welded, then turned inside out, increasing the protection against leakage through the seam.
  • These bags are available in standard bag sizes and micron filter ratings.
  • Bags have been tested by an independent laboratory at 95% efficiency. Micron ratings of 1 micron filter, 5 micron filter, 10 micron filter and up to 110 micron.

Whether you need 5 micron filter rating, 10 micron filter rating or even 110 micron filter rating, Rosedale products can supply the filters your operation needs. Contact us to learn more!


All-Polypropylene Bags
All-Polypropylene Bags

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