Bag Sized Pleated Cartridges

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Rosedale's PL Series bag sized pleated filter cartridges have up to 12 times more dirt-holding capacity providing longer service life. Pleated high efficiency material is sandwiched between flow-enhancing mesh screen ensuring flow cannot be pinched off under differiential pressure. The seams are thermally welded to prevent leakage or contamination bypass. The end caps are thermally welded to the pleated cylinder for structural integrity.
R1 style top caps fit Rosedale housings, R2 fits Rosedale and other manufacturers' filter housings accepting trade size #2 filter bags.
  • Eleven micron retention ratings from 1 to 110 at 95% efficiency 
  • Available in standard bag sizes 1 and 2, to fit housings 8-15 and 8-30
  • Fits Rosedale Model 8, CR8, Model 80, Model 82, NCO8, and Multi-bag housings.