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Thermal Fluid Filtration Systems

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Heat transfer fluid filtration systems are designed to circulate fluid between hot oil boilers, molds, tanks, extruders, and reactor vessels to improve indirect process heating. The fluids that enter the thermal fluid filtration system are subjected to temperatures ranging from 300- 700°F, preventing system contamination.

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Thermal Fluid Filtration System Advantages

Hot oil heat transfer systems are designed to solve your thermal fluid contamination problems by preventing millscale, and oxidization by-products that result in the formation of sludge. This contamination can cause operational problems such as pump shaft seal leakage, valve stem wear, plugging of heat exchangers and flow passages. Additional hot oil filtration system beneficial features include:
  • ANSI class 150 design
  • Temperature ratings of 285 PSI @ 100°F to 85 PSI @ 700°F
  • Housings available in carbon steel, 304, and 316 stainless steel

Heat Transfer Filter System Particle Removal Benefits

Particle removal is offered via glass fiber or stainless steel cartridges and wire cloth lined baskets. The filter vessels are offered in a variety of pipe sizes with flows to several hundred gallons per minute. The filter cartridges are accessed through an easily opened lid and can quickly be serviced. Additional advantages that thermal fluid filtration system housings provide includes:
  • Removes damaging particulates that degrade oil
  • Reduces sludge build-up maintaining fluid viscosity
  • Reduces energy costs by maintaining thermal efficiency
  • Prolongs oil life
  • Reduces maintenance costs

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