Replacement Beta Bags

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Micron Filter Bags for Fine Filtration Requirements

Rosedale Beta Bags® are micron filter bags made of polyester microfiber and encased in a spun-bonded media migration barrier. Evaluated by the ISO 4572 multi-pass test method, the filter ratings offer a true indication of the performance throughout the life of the filter. This is significant because many filter ratings are based on initial efficiencies only. Beta Bags provide real ratings for the real world.

  • Filter grades of 1, 10 and 12 microns.
  • Beta Bags® are 100% polyester for excellent chemical compatibility.
  • All Beta Bags are available as a ring type filter bag or with Rosedale's superior sealing RPE style flared top flange.
  • Prevention of possible media migration is assured by the spun-bonded cover.
  • Lifting handles are a standard feature to make filter bag removal easier and faster.