Filtration Accessories

Filtration systems are necessary for many industries to ensure the efficiency and proper operation of equipment. They remove particles, debris, and contaminants from water or other liquids, promoting greater efficiency and lower maintenance costs. 

Rosedale Products offers a variety of accessories for filtration systems to support your application including filter socks, filter bags, basket filters, and more.


Filter Bags or Filter Socks

Filter bags and socks are offered in mesh or felt construction and seal inside a filter housing with a sewn metal ring or molded plastic flange. These filter elements are disposable, allowing for one use per filter sock. Made from a variety of materials, filter socks or bags have micron retention ratings from 25-1000 microns           
Rosedale's industrial filter bags provide the reliability and cost-effectiveness that your application requires. They are used to filter particles and contaminants from liquids, similar to the way a coffee filter filters out grounds.
By using filter bags with your filter housing, you can save money by minimizing downtime, reducing waste disposal costs, and reducing maintenance costs. Filter bags can also improve product quality and help protect workers from exposure.

Filter or Strainer Baskets

Basket filters are made of perforated metal and can have a wire mesh lining. They are designed to filter contaminants and debris from liquids and gases. The basket can come in a variety of shapes, including installations where single, double, and multiple baskets are used. They are usually constructed in 304 or 316 stainless steel and can have hole sizes from 1/16” to 1”.  Other alloys are also available to better fit your application requirements.

Liquid Displacers

Liquid Displacers are designed to reduce dead liquid volume inside the filter housing, minimizing product loss and further improving product quality. They fit inside basket strainers or bag filters and make changing filter bags even easier. Liquid displacers are ideal for liquid filters and machine coolant filtration.

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