Polyester Mesh Bags - PEM Series

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POLYESTER MULTIFILAMENT MESH (PEM) filter bags are offered in ratings from 75 to 1200 microns. Multifilament mesh is a woven material where each thread is composed of many filaments and the openings are square. PEM bags are lower in cost and have excellent strength. Filter efficiency is 90% or more.

• Operates on the principle of surface filtration
• Wide range of micron ratings
• Reusable or disposable
• Non-fiber releasing
• High contaminant quantities under optimum conditions

Choose from the drop down menus, either RPO/RPE for Rosedale housings, POL for FSI/Pall housings, or S for ring style bags to fit in any manufacturers' filter housings. RPE/RPO top bags offer the best bag-to-housing seal in today's marketplace.  Size tab reflects industry standard bag size number. The RPO and POL flanges are polypropylene, RPE is polyester, and the ring is steel.