High Flow Filter Cartridges

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Fuels, NGLs, LPG, Pipeline Pigging, Pre-RO, Completion Fluids, Brines, Condesate, Produced and Disposal Water.

The DPU-600 High Flow Filter Cartridge provides effective surface area within the space of a standard 6”diameter cartridge enabling maximized flow through the unit. The DPU-600 High Flow Series Cartridge provides a positive O-ring seal for maximum efficiency. Fits Rosedale Model H8 through H48 housings using "S" style cartridges.

Outside Diameter - 6.00′′ (152.4 cm)
Inside Diameter - 3.00′′ (76.2 cm)
Length - 20′′, 40′′, and 60" (508, 1016, 1524 CM)
Materials of Construction:
Filter Media-Polypropylene, Cellulose, Nylon
Micro-fiberglass and Polyester