Manual Backwashing System

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Manually-controlled system minimizes operator exposure and backwash fluid - ideal for hazardous environments!

Backwashing Manual Filter System​ Features

  • Minimizes backwash fluid
  • Reduces process/system downtime
  • Reduces maintenance 
  • Reduces labor
  • Reduces filter element disposal and replacement costs
  • Reduces operator exposure

Our MBW manual backwashing filter uses standard 30 inch filter bags and baskets, providing over 600 square inches of filter surface area. The unit can be cycled through hundreds of backwashes before change-out is required. When pressure drop across the system is too great, indicated by the standard pressure gauges, the system is easily cycled through the backwash operation. Operation is simple. First close the valves for the inlet and outlet, then open the valve for the backwash outlet, which can be piped to a separate, safe location. Once that has been accomplished, simply depress the lever that shocks the system with clean air, causing the fluid in the housing to exit through the backwash outlet, removing the contaminant from the element at the same time. When the element is clean, usually in 30 seconds or so, simply return the three valves to their original positions to resume filtering.