Cartridge Filter Housings

Our Cartridge housings offer a wide range of flow and contaminant holding capabilities. The filter housings can accommodate from 1 to 205 cartridges around. All filter and cartridge housings can be supplied with an ASME code stamp, if required. Industrial cartridge filter housings provide high-level filtration for a wide range of applications including city water filtration, boiler water supply, machine tool coolant, or custom facility water filtration processes.
Rosedale Products can provide carbon or stainless steel cartridge filter housings in a wide range of sizes and pressure ratings.
Contact us for more information regarding our multi cartridge filter housing options, or call us at 800-821-5373. Rosedale Products is the trusted manufacturer for your cartridge filter housing needs.

Single and Multi Cartridge Filter Housing Advantages

Industrial cartridge filter housings from Rosedale Products are manufactured from high quality materials and feature numerous options. The following benefits are what separate our multi cartridge filter housing units from the competition:
  • High quality materials
  • Innovative design concepts
  • Rugged heavy-duty construction
  • Advanced engineering
  • World class customer service

Industrial Cartridge Filter Housing Options

To suit your project’s specific requirements, we can offer product options for flow rates, size, pipe connections, material options, clamp styles, and more. At Rosedale products, we build premium cartridge filter housings to your exact specifications.

Standard Single and Multi Cartridge Housing

Standard cartridge housing units offer a wide range of flow capacities and contaminant holding capabilities. The filter housings can accommodate from 1 to 205 cartridges around, feature low pressure drop, and are easy to clean. All filter and cartridge housings can be supplied with an ASME code stamp, if required.

High Flow Housings

High flow housings are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate from 1 to 31 filter cartridges in 40-inch and 60-inch lengths and two popular styles. You can select cartridges from the "High Flow" basic size 6.32-inch (152.4 mm) seal diameter or "Trade Size" #2, 7.20-inch (182.9 mm). High flow housings are operator-friendly and can handle flow rates up to 400 gpm per element.

Model 8500 Cartridge Filter Housings

Model 8500 housings provide a ruggedized low-cost solution for your project needs. They hold five cartridges, in either 10-inch, 20-inch, 30-inch, or 40-inch lengths, using industry standard designs (222, SOE, or DOE). Standard features include low pressure drop, quick-opening, clamp style cover, and a 5-cartridge element capacity. 

Hydraulic Lube Oil Housing - Model 7180 

The 7180 series accepts single industry standard 718 or 736 style filter cartridges and are rated at 1μ absolute to 100μ nominal. They seal on the housing’s elevated pedestal and are retained by a threaded post and cap assembly. Model 7180 system features include carbon steel, SS316, or SS304 material options, O-ring sealed covers, and permanently piped housings that do not require special tools.

Stainless Steel Housings - Models HSS150, HSS300 & HSS750

The Rosedale Model HSS single element filter housing is an all stainless steel unit ideal for general industrial service. It features a ring-nut closure for easy access to the head and cartridge sump. Standard features include knife edge seal at each cartridge end to eliminate by-pass, in line fittings, and simple closure for quick cartridge swaps.

Platinum Cartridge Housings 

The Platinum 700 Series cartridge housings are designed to end the high cost of cartridge change-out. They are offered in Model 8 styles (LCO, NCO, CR8 Polypropylene and PVDF, and Standard Model 8) in addition to many Multi-cartridge housings. A single 700 Series cartridge unit will outperform 40 standard wound or cartridges, reducing maintenance. A decrease in cartridge use, reduces labor, inventory, worker exposure and disposal costs.  

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