Oil Separation Bags, Cartridges and Pillows

Oil Water Separator Systems economically reduce hydrocarbon contamination in aqueous solutions. The system’s unique design structure provides the largest possible surface area, and the capability to remove very high concentrations of free oil, dispersed oil, and can break surfactant based emulsions, as well as dissolved hydrocarbons to non-detectable levels. Industrial oil water separator systems are used as both stand-alone oil and water separation elements, or as enhanced protection systems. 

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Oil Water Separator System Options

Rosedale Products’ water filtration experts will provide you with the products and information that will assist you in finding the oil and water purification system or products that’s right for your needs. We offer the following types of oil water separator systems based on your exact requirements.

Oil Filter Bags

Our OA filter bags are ideal for removing trace amounts of oil from aqueous based fluids, while our OS bag is manufactured from polypropylene media and a proprietary polymer capable of removing as much as 2 liters of oil.

Oil Filter Cartridges

Rosedale Products offers three different types of oil removal filter cartridges based on your project’s unique specifications. We offer the following oil filter cartridge options:
  • OE™ - The OE is our top performing cartridge. The special patented non swelling organic clay allows the cartridge to be filled with 100% active oil absorbing media, providing greater oil holding capacity.
  • ECO™ - Manufactured utilizing a uniquely processed post-consumer recycled media, ECO can remove soluble oils from water in a single pass, making it ideal for oil and water separation. 
  • NF™ - The NF’s adsorptive media characteristics remove negatively charged particles such as bacteria, organic contaminates, heavy metals such as copper, iron, lead, and tin. This cartridge can be used with a pre filter.

OS Oil Pillow

OS pillows are excellent for machine tool coolant applications. They're easy to use. Just set them in the machine's coolant tray and they adsorb the oil that has separated. OS Pillows are made with the same polymer and media as our OS filter bags.

Oil and Water Separator Systems from the Industry’s Most Reliable Manufacturers

Rosedale Products, Inc. is a leading industrial oil and water systems developer for customers throughout the world. Over the last 45 years, we have produced an exceptional product line of industrial filters and oil water separator systems that includes high performance filtration solutions for multiple industries.

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