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Oil/Water Separation

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Oil Separation Bags, Cartridges and Pillows

Rosedale's oil adsorbtion media can economically reduce hydrocarbon contamination in aqueous solutions. Our design provides the largest possible surface area, and the capability to remove very high concentrations of free oil, dispersed oil,  surfactant based emulsions, as well as dissolved hydrocarbons to non-detectable levels. They can be used as stand-alone oil and water separation elements, or to enhance or protect other systems. 

OA Filter Bag

The OA filter bag is ideal for removing trace amounts of oil from aqueous based fluids.  It is of multi layered construction with a media migration barrier and reinforced lift handles to facilitate removal.

OS Filter Bag

The OS filter bag is used for many oil removal applications.  The bag is made of polypropylene media with our proprietary polymer capable of removing as much as 2 liters of oil.  It's multi layered construction has a media migration barrier and reinforced lift handles to faciltate removal.

OE Filter Cartridge 

The OE is our top performing cartridge. It's capable of breaking the surfactant based emulsion in a single pass per IMO 107(49). The special patented non swelling organic clay allows the cartridge to be filled with 100% active oil absorbing media, providing greater oil holding capacity. This cartridge can be used with a pre filter.

ECO  Filter Cartridge

The ECO is our GREEN oil filtration cartridge, made using a uniquely processed post consumer recycled media.  The ECO has the ability to remove soluble oils from water in a single pass, making it ideal for oil and water separation. It can be used alone or following our standard Oil Eliminator™ cartridge to bring the effluent down to non-detectable levels. This cartridge can be used with a pre filter. US patent pending No. 13/051,87    

NF  Filter Cartridge 

The NF oil filtration cartridge uses a combination of adsorbing media and nano-technology to remove high concentrations of free and oil emulsions. Th