Single Bag Filter Housings

Single bag filter housings provide technologically advanced filtration capabilities for industrial water, coolant and chemical fluid treatment applications. Whether the application requires the filtration of city water, feeding liquids through a boiler or machine, or specific water filtration for a facility, single basket strainers provide state-of-the-art filtration in various sizes and flow rates.
At Rosedale Products, we can provide single bag filter housings in a wide range of models, sizes, and pressure ratings. Single basket strainer accessories such as wire mesh lined baskets, liquid displacers, bag restrainers, differential pressure indicators and custom manufacturing solutions are also available for our filter pot and pipe strainer products.
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Single Bag Filter Housing Advantages 

Single bag filtration units from Rosedale Products are manufactured from premium materials and feature a bevy of customizable options that can be specified to your project needs. The following benefits are what separate our single bag housing filtration units from the competition:
  • High quality materials
  • Technologically advanced design concepts
  • Rugged heavy-duty construction
  • Advanced engineering
  • World class customer service

Single Basket Strainer Options

Depending on your project’s specific requirements, we offer numerous product options that feature specific flow rates, size, pipe connections, material options, clamp styles, and more. At Rosedale products, we build your single bag filter housing units to your exact specifications. We also offer industrial Filtration Bags to provide the premium filtration support your single basket strainer requires.

Carbon Steel Single Basket Strainers

Due to its numerous beneficial qualities, certain filtration applications require the use of carbon steel filtration housings. Carbon steel is ideal for oils, lubricants and machine tools coolants.
CR8 Model and the Aluminum Housing Model, carbon steel can be utilized as a material option for any of our single bag filter housing units. 

Stainless Steel Single Bag Housings

There are a wide range of filtration applications that benefit from the advantages that stainless steel provides as a choice housing material. The strength and corrosion resistant nature of stainless steel allow for highly successful filtration processes for numerous types of applications. Except for the CR8 Model and the Aluminum Housing Model, stainless steel can be utilized as a material option for any of our single bag filter housing units.

Plastic & Aluminum Single Bag Filter Housings

Certain applications are better suited for single bag filters that are manufactured from plastic or aluminum housing materials. For these types of applications our polypropylene Model CR8 or Aluminum Housing single bag filtration units can provide the technologically advanced filtration your project requires. We also manufacture a premium Heat Transfer fluid filtration device for heat transfer fluids.

Single vs Multi Bag Filter Housings 

Project specifications will determine if a single bag or multi bag housing is appropriate for your application. Single bag units are ideal for smaller applications that require a lower flow rate and solids collection. Single bag baskets are extremely economical and less complex than multi bag systems.
Conversely, a Multi Bag Housing System may be required for higher flow rate and solids loading applications. Since they consist of bags numbering from 2-23, multi bag filter housing units are designed to hold greater dirt capacities and flow rates.

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