Filter Baskets

Filter baskets are used to remove debris and contaminants from liquids. They are durable, cost-effective filters that can protect valuable equipment from potential damage. Different types of filter baskets can remove varying sizes of contaminants, depending on your needs. Basket strainers, for example, are used to remove larger particulates, while bag filter baskets are used to hold a filter bag to remove contaminants that are too small for the naked eye to see.
Rosedale Products supplies a range of filter and strainer baskets, including basket strainers, sorbent containment baskets, replacement baskets, and mesh-lined baskets to meet your application needs.

Applications of Filter Baskets

Bag filter baskets filter sand, rocks, dirt, and other inorganic contaminants for a variety of industries, from wastewater to manufacturing plants. Filter baskets can be used as a primary filter or a secondary filter, depending on the application. 
Bag filter baskets provide benefits for industries including: 
  • Food Production
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical
  • Power Generation
  • Military
  • Irrigation
  • Automotive

Benefits of Bag Filter Baskets

Filter baskets offer many advantages for industrial applications. Industrial duty filter pots provide the durability and strength that you need. Filter baskets are also removable, making them easy to clean and replace.
Sorbent containment baskets are useful to convert bag filter housings to adsorptive treatment vessels to remove oil, water, and other transient substances. Rosedale’s design allows you to use the adsorptive material needed for your specific process, whether it’s activated carbon or another material. They fit in our standard filter housings and are constructed of stainless steel.
Replacement baskets can be made for Rosedale filters or competitive filter units and even custom designs. Material options include perforated metals of various hole sizes, a selection of wire mesh inlays, and wedge wire or sintered metal.
Wire mesh lined baskets can be useful when servicing disposable filter bags is not desirable. They can be cleaned and reused indefinitely. The selection of openings or mesh sizes is vast. The degree of filtration can range from openings of 1” to as fine as 40 microns.

Filter Pots from Rosedale Products

Rosedale manufactures replacement bag filter baskets and strainer baskets for filter housings made by: 
  • American Felt & Filter
  • Cuno
  • Commercial Filters/Parker
  • Eaton
  • Filter Specialists (FSI)
  • Filtration Systems
  • GAF
  • Ronningen-Petter
  • Strainrite
  • Oakland
  • Plenty
We offer replacement filter baskets for all current models and any that have been discontinued by the original manufacturer. These replacement filter baskets are made to specifications that equal or exceed the original manufacturer’s filter basket specifications. Contact us to learn more today!

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