Vibrating Filter

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Vibrating Filter
High-frequency sieving action prevents rapid filter loading

The Rosedale Vibrating Filter prevents filter cake from forming on the element surface. As in sieving, the screen through which the product passes is rapidly agitated. This prevents the building up of even smaller particles on larger ones stopped at the screen. By keeping over-sized material bouncing off the screen, the smaller particles can reach the screen and pass through. This sieving-type filter is ideal for paints, medicines, paper coatings, foods, or any product containing desirable solids that can be classified by size.

Unlike standard sieving, the vibrating filter works in a closed, pressurized system that greatly increases throughput. The high-frequency vibration also serves to de-lump agglomerated material. The vibrating filter contains a perforated stainless steel basket lined with either stainless wedge-wire or wire cloth. An air-driven vibrating motor at the bottom causes the basket to vibrate. The vibration rate is changed by varying the air pressure. Higher pressures produce higher frequencies. The basket is isolated from the housing, so very little vibration is transmitted to housing and piping.

Select your options from below.  The housing and basket are purchased separately and will be assembled by the factory.