Mini Bag Filter

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An All-Stainless Steel Mini-Bag Filter For 3000 psi Service.

Here is the best answer yet to the need for a small yet rugged final filter for liquids at pressure s to 3000 psi. The filter contains a stainless wire mesh "bag" with a 14 square inch area. It can be thrown away when dirty, or cleaned and reused. Flow is from the inside to the outside of the element; contaminant stays trapped inside. The straight through design has no elbows, turns or internal pockets to create pressure drops or collect sediment, and they're easy to flush out. 

The mini-bag filter is very easy to service too. Just spin the knurled collar loose, push the housing out of line a bit, remove the element, slip a new or clean one in, and you're back in business. The seal is a special, PTFE-encapsulated Fluoroelastomer O-ring. It can be tightened by turning the knurled collar, usually by hand. Specifications
  • Pressure rating: 3000 psi
  • Differential pressure rating: 25 psi
  • Port sizes: 3/8 inch NPT
  • Micron retention ratings (absolute):25, 50, 75, 100 125 and 150