Polypropylene Filter Bags - RPO Series

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Rosedale's RPO top flange provides the best bag-to-housing seal in today's marketplace. During operation as the filter bag gets dirty causing differential pressure to increase, our flared RPO top flange seal improves, providing optimum performance. The integral plastic flange makes installation and disposal easier and there is no metal to worry about. 

As an added feature, sonically welded, seams are available.

Polypropylene Filter Bags Design Details

  • RPO bags have a plastic flange sewn or sonically welded into their opening and integral handles as a standard feature. They make removal faster and easier.
  • The standard felt finish is glazed.
  • These bags are also available in standard "ring type" bag sizes and micron filter ratings.
  •  95% efficiency ratings at 1 micron,  5 micron, 10 micron and up to 200 micron are available.They have been tested by an independent laboratory 

Polypropylene offers compatibility with water, animal or vegetable oils, organic solvents, alkalies, oxidizing agents, organic acids, mineral acids as well as micro-organisms. Temperature limitation is 200F.  Choose from micron raings of 1 through 200. Rosedale's RPO flared top flange provides the best bag-to-housing seal in today's marketplace. Prices shown are in 10 and 25 piece packaging.  Choose from the drop down menus, either RPO for Rosedale housings, or Ring style bags to fit in any manufacturers' filter housings. RPO top bags offer the best bag-to-housing seal in today's marketplace.  Micron ratings are industry standard grades.  Size tab reflects trade size bag number.

Whether you need 1 micron filter rating, 10 micron filter rating or even 200 micron filter rating, Rosedale products can supply the filters your operation needs. Contact us to learn more!