Dual Purpose Bag/Cartridge Filter Housing

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Rosedale's dual purpose filter housings are offered in two diameters to hold 3 and 5 cartridges, respectively. Both are equipped with filter bag support baskets. The 3-cartridge housings are nominally rated at 70 gpm. The 5-cartridge Series housings are nominally rated at 100 gpm. These ratings are governed by the restrictive openings in the cartridge support plate. They do not take into account the pressure drops imposed by the bags or cartridges used.  

The Model 6330 can hold three 30-in. long cartridges and can function as a filter using a trade size # 8 bag. Model 8530 holds five and can use a trade size #2 bag. The two 3/4-in. ports at the bottom of the housing are for a dirty liquid drain a clean liquid drain. The dirty liquid drain need not be used when filter bags are employed; if bags are properly removed, no dirt washes off downstream. (The use of a liquid displacer makes this easier to do.)

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