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 Emerald Series 700 Oil/Water Separation Cartridge

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Cost Effective solution to Environmental Applications

Rosedale’s Emerald Series oil/water separation cartridges utilizes a proprietary design, using segregated flow chambers. These chambers greatly expand the contact between the surface area of the elements and fluid being filtered, maximizing efficiency. The 6.25” OD cartridge houses several layers of filtration media, increasing the oil holding capacity to optimum effect.

The filter cartridge is design to hold more than six liters of oil, before reaching the maximum dp of 35 psi. Once the cartridge reaches the 35 psid, a built-in flow cutoff provides positive indication for cartridge change out before oil bypass occurs.

At the recommended maximum flow rate of 15 gpm, the Emerald Series 700 filter is the best solution for reaching optimum oil/water separation at minimum cost.


  • 120 sq. ft. of surface area
  • 6.25 diameter and 35-inch length
  • Fits into standard Rosedale Model 8, Polypropylene, and Multi-cartridge housings

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Emerald 700 Series
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