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Beta Rated Bags

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Micron Filter Bags for Fine Filtration Requirements

After years of supplying filter bag products to the process industries, Rosedale has developed a new micron filter bag (filter sock) that meets even more exacting requirements, extending their use to finer process filtration and to hydraulic and lubricating fluid filtration. Rosedale Beta Bag® micron filter bags are made of a unique multilayer polyester felt, encased in spun-bonded polyester to prevent possible migration of bag material into the fluid stream. They're rated by the multi-pass method of filter performance evaluation, so that direct comparison can be made between Beta Bag® sock filters and cartridges of rigid construction using cellulose or synthetic elements, pleated or non-pleated. They compare very well:

  • Because disposable Rosedale Beta Bags® micron filter bags are fitted into and supported by perforated-metal baskets, you need not be concerned with sock filter collapse, flow fatigue, or filter end-load problems.
  • Beta Bags® filter socks can be installed and removed from their housings in a fraction of the time required to service rigid cellulose or synthetic element cartridge filters.
  • Beta Bags® filter socks cost less than cylindrical filter cartridges, and they fold flat for more compact storage.
  • Polyester bag materials are more resistant to the chemical additives in today's hydraulic and lubricant fluids (especially the high water base fluids), as well as the chemicals in Table IV.
  • Prevention of possible media migration is assured by the spun nylon cover.
  • Excellent for use in the Process, Oil and Gas, Hydraulic and Lubrication Industries when micron filtering is necessary.

Beta Bags Design Details

All Beta Bags® filter socks have a metal retaining ring sewn in their openings. Standard ring material is carbon steel, with a 316 stainless steel optional. They hold the bag in place and prevent fluid bypassing the element.

Heavy-duty handles, sewn to the reinforced bag lip, are a standard feature. They make bag removal faster and easier.