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Bulk Loading Filters
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Bulk Loading filtration for flow rates up to 50 gpm

Here is a way to ensure that the liquid chemicals or petroleum products you put into bulk containers - from drums to tanks cars - are as clean as they should be. This final filter uses low-cost filter bags with dirt retention capabilities as fine as one micron. The filter attaches to the end of your loading pipe or hose, so it’s the last thing your product touches before being loaded. It will stop any contaminant that has escaped your regular filtering system. The filter can be attached to your line by a standard quick-connect coupler for easy removal. The cover is held closed by an easy-operating clamp - no tools required.

It acts to hold the bag down in proper position, also. The filter bag can be quickly removed after loading for inspection. This will indicate your system filtration condition, and the bag can also serve as proof of the cleanliness of the product delivered. (Just send the bag along with the shipment.)

The filter is of welded construction, in carbon or 304 stainless steel. It weighs approximately nine pounds. The filter bag basket is of perforated 304 stainless steel. It uses standard-sized filter bags, #3 or #4. We offer them in many materials and micron ratings. If filter bags aren't desired, you can order units with strainer baskets, in a wide range of perforation hole sizes and with wire cloth linings as fine as 200 mesh.
Bulk Loading Filters
Bulk Loading Filters

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