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Giardia Cryptosporidium

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Single Stage Giardia Filtration & Cryptosporidium Removal
The Rosedale Model 8302P or Model NCO8135 Stainless Steel Housings

The Model 8302P and NCO8135 high-capacity filters offer an exceptional value in Giardia Cryptosporidium Removal applications. The system is approved for use in Colorado and Oregon and has met all the EPA LT2 guidelines.  
Each giardia filtration housing provides large containment capacity combined with a rugged design rated to 150 psi.  It incorporates an eyenut cover that is easily removed, reducing time spent on cartridge change-out. 

  • NSF 61 listed
  • Low pressure drops
  • Permanently piped housings
  • Covers are O-ring sealed
  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • All housings are electropolished to resist adhesion of dirt and scale
  • Adjustable-height legs, standard
  • ASME code stamp available

PS-740-PPP-356 Filter Cartridge
Giardia Cryptosporidium Filtration Cartridges maximize dirt-holding capacity and meet LT2 requirements optimizing physical size and maximizing the effective surface area. The large surface area provides a low fluid flux rate maximizing dirt containment.    

The Giardia Cryptosporidium filtration element fits into the Rosedale NCO8135 housing or can retrofit 8302P housings with an adaptor basket.  The end caps are heat sealed for high efficiency performance. The o-ring seal ensures sealing and eliminates bypass.

  • 100 sq. ft. of surface area maximum
  • 11 lbs. (approx.) of dirt carrying capacity
  • 2 log cryptosporidium credit
  • Flow rates to 10 gpm
  • 6.25-inch diameter and 35-inch length
  • Fits into standard Rosedale Model NCO8135 and 8302P
  • Double o-ring seals
  • NSF 61 listed


Dual Stage Giardia Cryptosporidium Removal
Rosedale has developed an effective water treatment filtration system that meets the SWTR and protocols for most states’ water system filtration requirements.  This system offers a dual-stage design that filters out larger contaminants before filtering out micro-organisms.  
  • The water system filtration consists of two high-quality Rosedale Model 8 housings (pressure vessels), placed in series.  
  • The first water treatment filtration stage is fitted with a PS-520-PPP-241 bag/cartridge.  
  • The second water treatment filtration stage is Rosedale's GLR-PO-825-2 bag/cartridge.  
  • This provides a 2 LOG cryptosporidium credit when used in tandem.  The optimum flow rate for the system described is 13 gallons per minute (GPM).  
  • Rosedale manufactures filtration systems for larger applications, that can filter water up to 500 GPM.  Multiple designs are available to meet your needs.