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Graded Density Bags

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Depth filter  for filtration to 1.0 micron

Rosedale's Graded Density (GD) Fat Bags® have approximately four times the dirt holding capacity of standard bags at equivalent filtration levels.  These depth filter bags have 9 layers of material, each with 4.4 sq. ft. of surface area.  GD bags are easier to install and remove, require less room in storage and disposal, and prevent the contaminant wash off downstream associated with cartridges.

They produce excellent results when used as a pre filter for membrane filters.  These pre filter/membrane filter bags will retain a large quantity of contaminant that will unnecessarily clog the membrane. The bags are available in either all polyester or all polypropylene construction.  Polyester should be used where oil adsorption is not desirable or where higher temperatures are required.

Rosedale's RP series top flange provides the best bag-to-housing seal in today's marketplace. During operation, as the filter bag gets dirty causing differential pressure to increase, our flared RP top flange seal improves providing optimum performance. The integral plastic flange makes installation and disposal easier and there is no metal to worry about.