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High Efficiency Filter Bags

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Our HI-E series of filter bags meets the most stringent needs for fine process, hydraulic fluid, and lubricant filtration. All are made of unique microfiber materials, designed to increase the efficiency and dirt-holding capacities.

Microfiber Material Construction for High Efficiency Filter Bags

Polyester or polypropylene microfibers and standard fibers are variably calendered to produce a single layer of microfiber material. Our unique construction can provide filtration to a 1 micron rating. Polyester microfiber material should be used where oil adsorption is not desirable or where higher temperatures are required.

High Efficiency Filter Bags Filtration Level

These high efficiency filter bags have been tested by an independent laboratory to determine the filtration efficiency and dirt holding capabilities for each. They have been manufactured so that the efficiencies for both polyester and polypropylene are identical.

PEMF/POMF Bags: High Efficiency Filtration using a single layer of microfiber material. Excellent for general polishing applications with low dirt load.

Graded Density Bags: High Efficiency Filtration with multiple layers of microfiber material and pre-filtration layers. Has 4 times the dirt holding capacity of the PEMF/POMF series bags.

Bag-Size Pleated Cartridges: High Efficiency Filtration with 12 times the dirt holding capacity and microfiber material supported by flow-enhancing mesh. The extra surface area greatly increases the dirt holding capacity. They have filtration ratings from one micron filters to 10 micron filter or even 110 micron filter!