Single Bag Filter Parts and Accessories

When selecting a single bag filter housing or filter vessel there are numerous factors that should be considered before any purchasing decisions are made. The filtration system application requirements will ultimately determine the size, style, and material that is best for your project. There are several consideration points that should be weighed to effectively determine the most appropriate single bag filter housing options for your application.

Filter Housings

A filter housing or filter vessel is a casing around a filter cartridge or bag in a liquid or gas stream. Single bag filter housings come in many sizes and styles, and can serve as a filter bag housing, cartridge filter or basket strainer.  The filter vessels are opened without special tools, and the element is easily cleaned or replaced. 

Choosing the Correct Filter Housing Material

Determining the correct filter vessel material for your application will provide the best results for your project from beginning to end. Filter Housings are available carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and polypropylene materials, with custom exotic