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Platinum 900 / 2040
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The Platinum 900 and 2040 Cartridge Filter Housings
Ultra high capacity filtration system provides maximum dirt holding capacity–eliminating maintenance. 

End the high cost of element change-out with the Platinum 900 and 2040 cartridge filter system. Imagine changing a filter element only once or twice a year, instead of changing several cartridges on a weekly or daily basis.

Standard Features
  • Housings available in carbon steel, 304 or 316 stainless steel.
  • Pressure rating 150 psi
  • Clean and dirty/gauge port connections
  • O-ring seals: Buna, Ethylene Propylene and Fluoroelastomer
  • Covers are o-ring sealed and easy to remove
  • ASME code stamp (optional)
  • Flange connection sizes from 3-inch through 10-inch
  • Cable-hoist assembly for quick and easy removal of element is standard on Model 18 (optional on other models)

A single cartridge system has the lifeof hundreds of standard wound or 50 pleated cartridges. This reduces maintenance and cartridge use, labor, inventory, worker exposure, and disposal costs. Flow rates and contaminant holding capacities vary depending on micron size. A single cartridge element can hold up to 400 pounds of contaminant and flows to 600 gallons per minute. Elements are 13- or 20-inch diameter and 40-inches long.

The 900 Series filter housings contain one, three, four, seven, or eight cartridges. The 2040 Series is available a single cartridge. By using the cable-hoist assembly changeout is completed in minutes. The element shipping container allows for easy handling and disposal.

Platinum 900 / 2040
  • Platinum 900 / 2040

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